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Want to make games or multimedia software with Ruby? Try RUDL!

SDL is a cross-platform library which sits on top of whatever high performance library happens to be installed on a platform.

Ruby is a very high level language which is in the same area as Perl, Python, and Smalltalk.

We are interfacing them in a Rubyesque way. That's why it's named RUDL: Rubified or Rubyesque Directmedia Layer.

The library is LGPL.


Latest: 0.7.1. Find out how to install it in Documentation.

All sourcecode is now managed by CVS from SourceForge and I'm releasing all RUDLs there.
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Mailing list

Turned into a forum, see SourceForge.


Ohai's Ruby/SDL is another wrapping of SDL's API.

Found this on Ohai's page: yet another SDL wrapper (why???) and Ruby MingW

pygame is the same as this, but for Python. I'm using the source to speed up my own programming - I like the way the functions are arranged and there's no point in ignoring that code and thinking it all up for myself again. (This is with permission from pygame's author)

SDL_gfxPrimitives does lines and polygons and such. (in 0.5)

Bitmask does the pixel perfect collision detection.

SFont is used for bitmap fonts. (in 0.5)

SDLMappy adds the ability to scroll around maps made with Mappy, but it's such a piece of crap that I'm re-implementing it in pure Ruby.

SDL_image does the graphics file format support.

SDL_mixer is the default sound library.

SDL_ttf gives us Truetype fonts.

SMPEG should do movies someday.

SDL for other languages can be found on the SDL site.


Take a look at SourceForge