How to get and install RUDL


Download the latest source package from the RUDL SourceForge files page

Continue with the general setup.


This chapter may be outdated at any time.


This explains how to get RUDL installed on Windows. Developers are advised to create a package with their program, SDL, and RUDL in it so average users won't have to install RUDL seperately.

  1. Grab One Click Ruby 1.8.x Installer if you don't have it. Install it. It might be necessary to reboot.
  2. Alternatively, grab U. Nakamura's Visual C Ruby. It is reported to work.
  3. Grab the latest binary RUDL setup version from the RUDL SourceForge files page
  4. Unzip RUDL to a place you like.
  5. Run install-on-windows.rb. We suggest copying the dll's to the Ruby bin dir when it asks for that.
  6. Try one of the samples in the RUDL/samples directory.
  7. That's it. If it doesn't run, contact us.

If you want to use another version of Ruby, you'll get trouble using RUDL. This is because the library is statically linked with msvcrt-ruby18.lib (or something of that kind) and that lib changes a lot between Ruby versions. This can be solved by downloading a lib only RUDL, if it exists for your version. (If it doesn't, it can be created on request) You can put the in the directory where you unpacked the RUDL setup and rerun install-on-windows.


Compiling from source could be useful for creating a smaller RUDL library, depending on less libraries.

Source is now compiled with the Microsoft Visual C 6 command line tools. They need to be set up with the "vcvars32" batchfile in VC's bin directory, you need to add RUDL's lib and include to the LIB and INCLUDE in the batch file.

Windows environment variables example

With Visual Studio in D:\Program Files\VStudio\, and the include and lib dirs beneath the RUDL dir: d:\rubyspul\rudl\.
include=D:\Program Files\VStudio\VC98\Include;d:\rubyspul\rudl\include
lib=D:\Program Files\VStudio\VC98\Lib;d:\rubyspul\rudl\lib
MSDevDir=D:\Program Files\VStudio\Common\MSDev98
Path=D:\Program Files\VStudio\Common\MSDev98\BIN;D:\Program Files\VStudio\VC98\BIN;D:\Program Files\VStudio\Common\MSDev98\TOOLS

Continue with the general setup.

Creating an installable version of your project

... to do.

General setup

  1. ruby extconf.rb in the RUDL root should create a makefile, or complain. If it says it can't find things, it will point to a URL that contains the wanted libraries. RUDL doesn't need everything, just SDL actually. If it complains, and you wished it would say a little more, you can edit extconf.rb and uncomment the DEBUG-flag.
  2. make
  3. And now, as root: make install
  4. That's it. You can now try the samples.