Mauna Mato(?)

A little test game from Renne.

Some screenshots from Peter Thoman's projects. Sadly, none of these are finished yet.


This is a breakout clone which uses OpenGL and tons of alphablending. It even has sound and music, too.


Urlaubtris features highly scalable, bitmap-free graphics and cooperative multiplayer for up to 256 people - a first in any Tetris clone. The size of the blocks and the number of rows and columns is configurable.


A screensaver like program from Martin Stannard

Sample games


Crapola is a random shooter, it does many things right, it does some things wrong, it's even fun to play, even though you lose half your lives by materializing in the middle of a rock <:) Keep in mind that this thing is 67KB, without compression, but with two tunes and several sound effects. Screensize was kept at 320x200 to spare my crappy PC (screenshots have been doubled in size)

The intro.

The beginning of a game. See the rotated rocks?

A quite nasty situation.


Can you get closer to the original? Sounds are sampled from one of those tennis games from around 1979.

Just samples


This sample tests some of the graphics primitives. Ever seen alpha moiré?


SFont delivers bitmap fonts.


This sample tests the combined zoom/rotate function. To the left: the original. To the right: a rotated, zoomed and bilinearly interpolated version, with a bounding box drawn around it, just for fun.