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Class Methods


Pit Version

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SDLError Constants


Module RUDL contains all RUDL classes as inner classes. It has some class methods of its own too.

Class Methods


Returns hash of librarynames with their versions that are supported by RUDL. This list was determined when RUDL was compiled for a certain system, and might change when other libraries have been installed or removed and RUDL is recompiled. Versions are RUDL::Version objects. This includes "RUDL" itself.


The Pit is where the things end up that don't fit anywhere else. The methods are defined where they fit best.


Version is the class used for version comparisons. It defines four version levels: major, minor, patch and deepest.

Version#initialize( major=0, minor=0, patch=0, deepest=0 )

Initializes a new Version object.

Version#<( v )

Compares this version number with the one in v. Returns true if older.


Returns the version as a string: "major.minor.patch.deepest"


SDLError is the class that is thrown when SDL or RUDL find an SDL-specific problem.


All for the hacked init_subsystem and quit_subsystem, which should officially never be needed: INIT_TIMER, INIT_AUDIO, INIT_VIDEO, INIT_CDROM, INIT_JOYSTICK, INIT_NOPARACHUTE, INIT_EVERYTHING

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